Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A Pearson Partnership

The Pearsons Team are proud to announce that we have recently gone into partnership with Cycle Surgery. The entire Pearson range, from Compass to Carbon Pro, will be available at all of the High Street retailer’s 21 UK stores. Cycle Surgery will be offering a custom built service that those familiar with our shop would expect.

‘Pearson was our first choice for a road frame as they offer quality, great performance and an established brand history that few other companies can match. We are incredibly proud of this partnership and we looking forward to an exciting summer.’

(Paul Wilson, Cycle Surgery)

Much akin to the Pearson Pro Shop, customers will be able to see their frames first hand, discuss personal bike builds and finally create the ride of their dreams.

We’re gratified to have found a company capable of carrying the Pearson name and the service and spirit associated with it; we're looking forward to working closely with Cycle Surgery for the long-term.

Have a peek at the Pearson range on the Cycle Surgery website.

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