Friday, 22 April 2011

Staff Rides: Jim's Golden Crosstrail

Most of you will know Jim as the charming red haired gentleman in the front shop. Those lucky enough to become acquainted with him may have been fortunate enough to hear a story or two about his years as a courier in the Big Smoke.

I remember he would ride these beaten-up looking beauties; his favourites being a classic Pearson steel mummified by inner tubes, and an Ambrosio covered in stickers. It seems as though his years riding these dirty rags have taken there toll on our Jim; his unhealthy obsession with the Specialized Crosstrail has led to the creation – with the aid of Michael – of this rather ‘gangster’ looking bicycle:

Name - Jim

Perceived age - 28

Real age - 43 (cycling keeps you youthful)

Best thing about Pearson’s?

Fresh blood to listen to my endless catalogue of exciting stories.

Worst thing about Pearson's?

Having your work mates ask you every second: ‘Did you used to be a courier?’.

What about making the tea?

I don’t make tea so it doesn’t matter.

Is it really true that you were a London courier?


What were your call signs?

It was P65, then P40 and then Wee Jimmy Krankie!

Can you tell me one of your famous stories?

Had a job to do, an urgent Friday double rush – good money – from the West End all the way down to Wapping. It was the end of the day and I wasn’t too pleased about it; the package I was asked to deliver was a film contract along with a small bag full of snowdrops.

Got to the property and knocked on the door as you do, and out comes Dame Helen Mirren; so I handed her these crushed up flowers and say ‘here ya’ar love’. She took it like a champ. When returning to the West End, I told my boss about it and he asked me what she looked like. Well, I said she was alright for an old bird - and she was.

Once when delivering jewellery to Christina Aguilera at the Mandarin Hotel…

Enough now. What’s cycling for you?

Adrenaline. Action. Buzz… Survival (laughs).

Why did you cover your Ambrosio in stickers?

I didn’t want people to think I was sponsored by a rice pudding company.

Why a gold Crosstrail?

Why not? It looks like my old favourite Scalextric, The John Player Edition.

Frame – Specialized Crosstrail M4
Fork – Locked Out NRX
Bar – Truvatic Stylo WC
Bar ends – KCNU (gold)
Grips – ODI LO (gold)
Stem – Hope (gold)
Headset – Cane Creek
Wheels – Velocity Aero rims in gold laced onto gold Hope Pro II hubs.
Tyres – Specialized All Condition Armadillo x2
Brakes – Avid Elixir 5’s
Shifters – Sram X-7
Front Mech – Shimano LX
Rear Mech – Sram X-9 w/ gold jockey wheels!
Chainset – Gold bolted shimano.
Pedals – Specialized Magnisium… Gold
Saddle – Charge Spoon
Post – Pearson carbon

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