Friday, 17 February 2012

The Perfect Bottle Cage

A bottle cage is just a bottle cage. It's holds your bottle, that's what it's there for. True, but a bad cage won't hold your bottle particularly well - ejecting it at the first sign of any sudden undulation, bump or hop. Eject your bottle and that's you thirsty for the rest of your ride. Especially if you lose both.

Don't forget a bad bottle cage can also make a good bike look awful! When you've spent a good portion of your hard-earned on the bike of your dreams the last thing you want is to ruin it with bad looking bottle cages.

How to avoid both of these situations though? The answer is simple: Arundel.

No, not the small town in Sussex with the castle and cathedral - this Arundel is a small, boutique American company pumping out some of the highest quality bike accessories on the market. In their range are a number of bottle cages which include the budget 'Sport' model and the high end 'Mandible', both of which are in stock now at our Sheen shop.

Mandible Bottle Cage

The Sport cage is made of plastic and comes moulded in black or white, whilst the Mandible is carbon and is available in a painted white or a matt carbon finish. We also have their 'Stainless' model which is based on the design of the Mandible but is made of stainless steel tubing for a more classic look.

So what? Well, the Mandible will grip your bottle so well it is the bottle cage of choice for the Garmin pro team, even for events like Paris-Roubaix - if any event is going to shake your bottle loose then that is it.

Thor Hushovd's Cervelo S5

The Arundel range also includes a good range of very neat saddle bags - one of which is even designed to carry a folded tubular tyre. Ideal if you're that way inclined. There's also bar tape options, triathlon water bottle mounts and aerodynamic frame-mounted time trail water bottles available at the Sheen store.

Words by Rich - Brain Farts of a Bike Tart

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