Monday, 13 February 2012

Enve wheels

So, carbon wheels. Only for racing because they're weak - you break them really easily if you used them for every day riding, or perhaps a sportive, right?...

Wrong. Watch:

So, now that myth has been laid to rest, let's talk Enve.

Why pick Enve from the (rather extensive) bunch? Well, part of the reason the Enve wheels are strong enough to do the stuff shown in that clip - or more to the point, to survive the stuff in the clip - is that the spoke holes in an Enve rim are moulded when the wheel is made, rather than drilled after the event. Moulding the spoke holes means that the hole becomes part of the structure as opposed to making a nice strong carbon hoop and then weakening it by removing some of that integrity.

Enve develop wheels in 25, 45 and 65 formats - the numbers referring to their rim depth in millimetres. The 25 is available as tubular only, whilst the 45 and 65 are available as tubular and clincher, and with Chris King or DT Swiss' DT240 hubs (the latter of which are set to be discontinued as a hub option and are currently on special offer).

The Enve wheels being used in the clip are Enve Smart 6.7s. You might wonder what the 'Smart 6.7' moniker is all about? The 'Smart' bit is a man called Simon: Simon Smart is a British aerodynamicist with an extensive background in Formula 1 who Enve took on board to help develop a road bike wheel set. The '6.7' bit refers to the fact that the front wheel is a 60mm rim depth and the rear is a 70mm. This is a feature that carries across the Enve Smart range as the 3.4 (30mm front, 40mm rear) is available now as a tubular and is set to arrive soon in clincher format, and the 8.9 (you guessed it, 80mm front and 90mm rear) is also on its way - and will quite possibly be the ultimate triathlon wheel.

Enve Smart Wheels

In case you're wondering, the rear wheel is deeper in each case because it is more stable than the front and less affected by crosswinds It's also slightly narrower to reduce drag. For the same reason, the front wheel is also slightly wider and shallower so as to improve stability and handle more predictably. That's where Simon Smart proved his worth, and is why you'll feel such benefit from running them.

We have the full range of Enve wheels in stock at the Sheen store, along with some of the other Enve components (they produce handlebars, stems and seatposts too). Come along and see their quality for yourself.

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