Wednesday, 6 June 2012


I want to apologise to everyone I have ever sold a bike to, whether it be a Specialized, an Orbea (need to say sorry to the Mrs for that one!), a Pinarello, a Trek or even God for fend a Colnago. I am truly, deeply sorry; I sold each and every one of you the wrong bike!

I used to think that if you bought a Cervelo you could do no wrong, I’ve had three, and there was no higher art than the Italian mastery of a Colnago, or the cutting edge ride of a Parlee don’t even get me started on the Time RXR I had, BUT, and I say this with some humility (not easy for me) I WAS WRONG!

I rode home on our test Guru Photon, and that’s it! I mean game over! As much as Di2 is a game changer, the Photon is the end game! Without a shadow of a doubt, no questions asked and with no hype, it is the best frame I have EVER ridden, hands down - the best!

Guru Photon

It’s not the weight (it’s light), nor the stiffness, or the ride quality, but as with all great things it is the sum of its parts, and oh so much more. I would have trouble putting my finger on it, but there is just something extra there, an understanding of material and ride that just works, and it doesn’t even fit me that well (yet!).

I don’t particularly love the colour; Guru offer custom paint, I would have a different set up; if you’re buying one, why wouldn’t you run Di2, I would prefer an ISP (integrated seat post); Guru no longer offer this on a Photon (boo hiss!), but I just do not care. I would have this frame as it is in a heartbeat, it really is that good!

Guru Photon

Ride quality is a personal thing, that seems to be misunderstood by most, particularly those in the cycling press, but it is an individual thing that we all have a view on; until now, this frame is just right. I don’t care if you race crits or ride all day sportives, hell take it off road (great off road climb up Ranmore that I’ll do on Sunday) it just doesn’t faze the Photon.

Look, I don’t know any way to put it than this….if you’re looking for a new frame, sell whatever you need to, I mean, kidney, child, house, the other half, and buy a Photon! If you are considering spending £7500 on a certain stock frame from California (I never thought I would say this) DON’T! Spend £4300 on a full custom Photon, and put a posh pair of wheels with the rest, or pay for a trip to the mountains and ride past the overpriced Cer…’s and laugh at the “trend setters”.

Guru Photon

I want this bike, I will have this bike, and I may never buy another bike after this…well, maybe!

I am, however profoundly sorry to all those I have sold the wrong bike; even if their bikes did fit really well!!!!

By Stuart Jeffries - Pearson Cyclefit

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