Monday, 17 June 2013

London-Brighton-London 2013

The Annual edition of Pearson CC's LBL went full steam ahead this year. As usual, a good compliment of riders met at Carshalton Ponds at 6am and joined the BHF London to Brighton ahead of the masses.

Resplendent in Pearson kit, we rode gently out into the Surrey countryside. After gathering pace off the North Downs, the group broke up into two parts after the London Dynamo caught us at Smallfield, increasing the pace to race speed for a few miles before we regrouped at Turners Hill. We soon cracked on to the famous Beacon and raced up at max effort, as is traditional here, to then enjoy a fantastic descent to the seaside. As usual, the lovely Regency café on the Brighton front welcomed us as well as the riders from the Norwood Paragon, Addiscombe CC and the Dynamo.

Everyone filled their bottles for the journey back and set off at a brisk pace, winding our way through leafy lanes at various speeds and so again breaking into smaller groups. One rider who took an early bath was Will Tilbury who broke his bike riding out of the town. He had to get a cab back to Gatwick, then a train direct to Pearsons to get it fixed..

Inevitably, the front group got faster with a couple of hitters cranking up the pace. The groups split again so most people finished the ride in ones and twos. Most riders had done a hundred miles or more, the quickest done at 19mph.

It's one of the best days riding the club does and we shall continue doing it, so come along next year!

Written by Guy Pearson

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