Friday, 15 November 2013

Cruise Through The Winter Blues

We can no longer deny it. The days have drawn in and the temperature has dropped. It’s about time to put your pride and joy back into the shed for the some hibernation. The question is what is the perfect winter hack? My loyal Pearson Easy Come Easy Go was recently in the workshop for its regular service and I’ve now got to fork out for a new chain, cassette, chainrings, brake pads and cables. This will cost well over a hundred pounds and has got me thinking, are gears really worth all this extra hassle and cost?

For me there are really two answers to this question. Yes, because I still need/want gears for when I ride on the weekends but considering my 17 mile commute is pretty flat I’m starting to think omitting the gears may save me some hard earned cash that I can then squander on that Castelli Gabba jersey I’ve been hankering after. I know what you’re thinking. Three bikes? But to reference rule #12 I don’t think this is really the point. It's more about having a bike for the right purposes than aimlessly increasing the size of one’s bike shed in the name of vanity, narcissism or whatever you want to call it and no I’m not suggesting we all go out and buy snow bikes. (Although I admit I’d quite like one!)

There are certainly benefits to riding fixed through the winter. Singlespeed chains use thicker plates that don’t stretch as quickly as geared models, therefore lasting longer. There are less moving parts resulting in reduced complexity so there’s much less to go wrong. Riding fixed also has its benefits. The ability to reduce one’s speed without using the brakes can spell the end of slipping in icy conditions. You’ll also be getting stronger by lacking that “dump gear” leaving you with no choice but to grin and bear it, this means you ought to be mighty fast by the time spring comes around.

Enter the Pearson “Once More Unto the Breach”. Our latest incarnation of the fabled and much loved Touche – a bike that can be found on every continent around the globe. The Touche was an industry first. We pre-empted the “fixie rush” by taking a standard road frame with a slack head angle for improved stability and adding horizontal dropouts with track spacing, so for a start this bike rides like a road bike rather than like a track bike. It is more stable, has reduced toe overlap and is generally more fun and inspiring to ride, throw in the ability to fit proper full length mudguards and a rack and you have a loyal friend to last through even the harshest of winters.

Constructed from 7005 series double butted aluminium, the “Once More...” features an internal cartridge bearing headset for improved sealing and reliability, replaceable dropouts for better longevity and dual bottle cage mounts for longer rides. You also get a carbon fork to reduce road chatter.

We custom build every bike to the customer’s specification so you can have your own aesthetic. More importantly we measure you for handlebars prior to purchase and also fit the correct length stem meaning that a much better fit can be achieved without the need for spending additional money like on an “off the peg” bike. If you want something a little more classic we also have a steel offering. The smoother riding “Now You See Me” boasts all the same features as the “Once More...” but replaces aluminium with a Reynolds 520 steel frame.

Upgrades can also be made to include full guards, racks, bomb proof winter tyres, and for the classic look, cuffs and collars with Brooks saddle and leather tape in the colours you love.

All in all, for those who thought they had their stable full, here’s some food for thought...

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  1. I've had my "once more" for a couple of months now, and whilst I originally bought it as a winter bike for wet days when I wanted to keep my carbon pride and joy dry and shiny, it is increasingly my first choice bike, whatever the weather. It rides beautifully, particularly for an aluminium frame (go for the wheel upgrade, it is absolutely worth it) and looks absolutely sensational. Nothing I've owned gets so many admiring looks. It's living on some SKS longboards now for winter, and I shall be riding it as much as possible. A really great buy - the perfect n+1 machine, but at a price which means you're far less likely to get into n-1 territory...